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Amateur Adventure Tales: Stan

I'm just an average guy, really. Why such a woman would choose to have me the way she did is, well, beyond me. But I'm getting ahead of myself, so let me start over. My name is Stan, I'm 25 years old and I live in St. Louis. I'm not a bad looking guy - but I'm no movie star, either. I'm six feet tall, about 200 pounds, mostly muscle - I have to be, working in construction. I've got shoulder length blonde hair that I usually wear tied at the back, to keep it out of my face while I'm working. I never thought that pony tail would turn out to be a sex tool, either...

So I'm on the jobsite a few weeks ago, when I see this babe across the street getting into her car. She was tall, with dark brunette hair, tits I could see from my perch atop the bulldozer I was driving, and all wrapped up in a tight little white dress that showed her slender, long legs quite nicely. Not sure why she caught my eye from so far away, but for some reason she did, and for some reason I remembered her when I ran into her later that night.

It was about 6:30, the boys and I were heading out the door for a long weekend after tossing a few beers back and shooting some pool. I was throwing on my jacket when I saw her, sitting at a table in a quiet corner of the pub. She was alone, and she was staring at me. I was suddenly nervous, feeling like I was back in high school. She smiled and tilted her head, so I decided to take a chance. I ran my hand over the top of my head and walked over, smooth as could be - at least until I bumped into the table in front of me, spilling the empty bottles sitting on it to the floor. I heard her giggle as I stooped to pick up the fallen bottles and I looked over at her sheepishly, feeling foolish. But to my surprise, she patted the chair next to her, motioning me to come closer.

I sat down next to a vision of raw sexuality. If I thought she was hot from a distance, I couldn't believe my eyes when I was sitting next to her. And the strangest thing was she looked familiar to me - not in the corny, pick-up-line way, but for real. I introduced myself and she smiled. "You can call me Chiyoko," she said, in a voice full of sullen sexuality. "I'm glad to meet you. But haven't we met before?"

I looked into her face, trying hard to think past the image of my cock sliding between her full, red lips, my hands cupping her large, perfect breasts. "You know," I somehow managed to say, "You look familiar to me, too. Where are you from?"

"All over, really," she replied, moving her index finger silkily around the rim of her glass. "I went to high school near here, though." Her eyes sparkled as she looked at me, waiting.

And then it hit me - I did know her! "Wait a sec - didn't your name used to be Chiyoko? Chiyoko Sulon?"

She smiled, showing dazzling white teeth. "That's right - you do remember me! I just go by my middle name now."

"Well how could I forget? We dated in high school my freshman year, but then you moved away!" I couldn't believe my eyes - this was skinny little Chiyoko, who I had played around with innocently when I was 14, now grown into a sex bomb! "But you're so different!" I laughed nervously as my eyes roamed her up and down. "Gods, you're beautiful!"

She laughed lightly. "Why thank you, Stan - you didn't turn out too bad yourself!" She glanced at her wristwatch. "Say - I'm getting hungry. Would you like to come back to my hotel for a bite to eat? They've got a great restaurant, and even better room service!"

I couldn't believe my luck! "Sure, I could use a bite. But I've been working all day - maybe I should go home and clean up first."

"Nonsense!" she replied brightly, grabbing her coat. "Just take a shower at the hotel!"

We left the bar and walked a few blocks down to the Coby-Ritz hotel. She led me to the elevator and we went to the top floor. At the end of the hallway, she opened the door to a large suite, gorgeous. She must be loaded, I thought to myself as I watched her shrug her shoes off and walk over to the bar. She mixed a couple of drinks and handed me one. Pointing down the hall, she said, "The shower is that way - make yourself at home."

"I will - thanks." I walked down the short hall into the bathroom and closed the door. The shower was roomy, and had two showerheads, both which I pointed at me as the warm water started coursing down my back. I had an incredible hard on, and the anticipation and possibility were making me crazy as I tried to focus on washing the grime of construction from my limbs. As I was rinsing myself off for the last time, I was shocked to feel two soft hands thread their way around my waist from behind.

"I was feeling a little dirty myself," Chiyoko said warmly, "so I thought I would join you." She reached around farther and she slid my rock hard pecker into her hand. "Oh my, you are a big boy. And you were expecting me, I see."

"Um, no, not really..." I tried to say, but she turned me around quickly and sank to her knees, the water from the shower cascading down her hair and back. She took my cock into her mouth and I could not believe how soft her mouth was. She stroked my cock with her tongue, pushing it ever deeper into her throat. I leaned back, my hips moving of their own accord in tight rhythm with her swaying head. I looked down in my ecstasy to see my entire cock disappear between her ruby lips. She gagged slightly, and then put both hands on my ass, violently shoving my cock into her widening throat, over and over. She sucked hard, her tongue a hot spike against the head of my engorged rod. She threw her head back and let go of my ass, rubbing her tits as she caught her breath.

"Oh Stan, I've always wanted to do this to you." She looked up at me, her brown eyes full, the water from the shower glistening on her perfect skin. "Now please, fuck my face. Fuck my face hard, as hard and as long as you can. I want to feel your cum explode on the back of my throat, now fuck my face with your cock, fuck it hard!!"

I turned her toward the wall and held her hands above her head. I started slowly and she opened her mouth as wide as it would go, her tongue dancing everywhere on my cock as it entered her throat. I buried half of my cock in her mouth on the first few strokes, and she moaned, closing her mouth around my member, trying to suck it farther into her throat.

"Open your mouth!" I ordered, and she obeyed instantly, never taking her eyes off my face. I started again, harder, pushing deeper, until I was burying my cock all the way in her throat in a single stroke then removing all of it but the head. I rammed my cock into her face faster and faster, feeling my balls begin to tighten towards climax. She felt it too, for the movements of her tongue increased frantically, seeking to coax my cum onto her waiting tongue.

"Oh God," I cried, "I'm going to cum!"

"Do it! Oh God, I want to taste your cum!" Chiyoko exclaimed between cock thrusts." God, you're fucking my face!"

I came then, with explosive fury. She moaned loudly as my first spurt of cum smashed into the back of her throat. She pulled my cock from her mouth as the second convulsive spurt creamed into her mouth and onto the side of her face. She used my cock to gather the cum from her face then shoved it into her open mouth, her tongue wandering over the tip of my cock as more and more cum flowed into her mouth. She swallowed twice and nibbled at the end of my cock with her teeth, until my balls were completely drained. I collapsed over her, my cock still in her mouth, her breath moving around it in shallow gasps.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "That was fantastic!"

She looked at me through mysterious brown eyes. "Yes, it was - you've got quite a cock there, Stan!" Then her eyes narrowed. "But we're not done yet. In fact, we're just getting started!" She stood up and pulled her long dark hair away from her face, her breasts standing firm and upright, perfect in shape, the nipples hard. "We've got the whole weekend!"

I looked at her and ran my hands over her pendulous breasts. "The whole weekend, you say?" I breathed.

"Yup," she answered, "And boy are we going to have fun!" She looked at me again, a sinister light behind her eyes. "Ever had a threesome?"

I smiled back at her and shook my head.

"Well, wait 'til you meet my girlfriend, Akina. She loves to suck cock as much as I do - maybe more!"

I wondered if I had died on the jobsite and gone to heaven. "I can't wait!" was all I could say.

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